【Kordz】PRO TOSLink 專業光纖線

Kordz Kordz PRO Series TOSLink Cable delivers clean, accurate sound in an optimised digital audio signal for professional AV installations. Its high-density optical fibre construction excels in flexibility and durability, featuring secure click-fit connectors and a polyfibre conductor for optimal digital audio transmission.
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Kordz PRO Series TOSLink Cable is engineered to deliver clean, accurate sound whilst minimising distortion and signal interference. Its flexible, slim profile and robust jacket tolerates tight installations, while secure fit connectors and polyfibre conductors offer optimised digital audio transmission. Kordz TOSLink Cable offers simple installation, tight tolerance and shallow mounting depth connectors for advanced connection reliability in professional and commercial settings.

  • Tight tolerance for secure connection
  • Shallow mounting depth connectors
  • 1mm polyfibre with polished ends
  • Flexible and durable matte black PVC jacket
  • Available in lengths from 0.5m to 20m







  • 型  號:KZ-PRO-TL
  • 產品功能:音源傳輸
  • 尺  寸:  0.5m-20m
  • 商品保固:非人為因素損壞,提供原廠終身保固服務(須出示購買證明)
  • 備  註:商品會因光線與電腦顯色有所差異,請以實際商品為主
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  • 宅配大約一~三天配送時間,單筆運費 90 元(不含離島地區澎湖、金門、馬祖)。
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